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2022-07-21 17:48

The Fuxinyuan Farmers Resettlement Housing Project in Kaifu District is a key construction project and people's livelihood project in Changsha City and Kaifu District, which is undertaken by the engineering company directly under the Construction Group Corporation in accordance with the design and construction general contracting construction mode. The project is located in the southwest corner of the intersection of Fuyuan Road and Wanjiali Road, Kaifu District, Changsha, consisting of 8 18-storey, 1 22-storey, 8 25-storey, 11 34-storey high-rise residences, a number of 2~5 storey commercial buildings, schools and roads and other ancillary facilities, with a total construction area of about 660,000 square meters. The project is divided into two phases of construction, of which the B1#~B15# building and the basement is divided into the first phase of the project; Schools, kindergartens, police stations (A1#), community houses (A2#), A3#~A17# houses and their basements are divided into the second phase of the project. The wires used in this project are provided by Hunan Huatai Cable Co., Ltd.